eBay Saved Search Not Working?

If you didn't get your eBay saved search emails today or your looking for an alternative solution keep reading...

I love eBay but a common complaint is the ebay saved search is not working. Generally what people are referring to is not getting their saved searches. Saved searches in eBay lingo are searches that are run daily and users are emailed the search results. eBay users that setup saved searches depend on them working. Getting the search alerts on a regular basis is very important.

You can imagine the issues eBay must face trying to send hundreds of thousands of emails a day. I think they do a good job considering the volume of users and the limitations of email.

There is an eBay automated search alternative, SearchDome.com. SearchDome specializes in running eBay saved searches on a regular basis. The service is free, you don't use your eBay id and you can schedule your search to run weekly, daily, hourly or every 15 minutes. SearchDome is an eBay compatible application and is listed in eBay's Solution Directory.

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