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For over 12 years SearchDome has been helping people find what they
want on eBay. SearchDome is a valuable search tool for any eBay buyer.

eBay Searching Software

Looking for software to help you search eBay? You just found it. SearchDome.com provides search tools to help eBay buyers stay informed about new eBay listing.

The most effective way of searching eBay is by using a software program to help you automate the search. Using specialized ebay automation software makes searching easier, produces better search results and notifies you earlier about new auction listing opportunities.

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SearchDome's software specializes in providing tools to help ebay buyers. SearchDome is an eBay compatible software application and is listed in eBay's Solution Directory. SearchDome.com has been automating ebay searches since 2004.

The software is free to use, you can cancel any time and you keep your eBay id private. SearchDome provides you with easy to use tools to find what you want on ebay.

With SearchDome's eBay Search Tools you can create, save, run and automate your ebay searches. One search or hundreds of searches. SearchDome provides tools for active eBay buyers to manage hundreds of searches. The software allows people to create automated searches that run at a schedule that works for them. Searches can be scheduled to run weekly, daily, hourly or every 15 minutes.

Daily searches can be scheduled to run at any time zone and time of day. If your away on vacation you can pause all your searches until you return.

The best part of using SearchDome to search ebay is the customer service. SearchDome truely provides excellent customer service. Many of the search options provided by SearchDome have been recommended by SearchDome customers.

Give SearchDome a try. You'll be happy you did.


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