How To Find Newly Listed Buy It Now Listings

Find Buy-it-Now Early

Buy-it-Now listings behave differently than other auction listing on eBay. On some categories, if someone makes a bid it removes the buy it now option. This is one of the major reasons for using SearchDome to find newly listed items quickly before the BIN (Buy it Now) offer is no longer available.

The price of most Buy-it-Now listing are too high. However newly listed Buy-it-Now provide the best opportunity for a deal if you act quickly.

Getting a deal means you need to find the Buy-it-Now listing early. Some Buy-it-Now listings are purchased minutes after being listed. If you search eBay once a day your more than likely going to miss these deals.

To find Buy-it-Now listings minutes after their listed you need to automate your eBay searches. By automating your eBay searches for Buy-It-Now items you'll get emailed search alerts when newly listed Buy-It-Now items are listed.

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