10 eBay Search Tips

Here are 10 basic eBay search tips. eBay has millions of listings and getting the search results right can be a challenge. SearchDome eBay search tools provide the search tools necessary to find what your looking for. However it does take some practice to perfect your eBay searches to find precisely what your looking for. If you need help with eBay searches you can use the SearchDome Contact Us page for advise on creating effective eBay searches. For eBay advanced search information see the eBay advanced search page.

10 Tips to Improve eBay Searches

1. Make eBay searches vary specific. If you can, add a manufacturer, product number, model, color or size to your searches.

2. Create one search for each product or service your searching for. Don't try to create one complicated search that returns several listings your interested in.

3. Automate your eBay searches to find what your looking for on eBay. Using an eBay search tool to automate eBay searches saves time and produces the best search results. By automating your eBay searches you'll get sent email notifications (search alerts) when newly listed items become available.

4. Refine your eBay searches over time. Each time your search runs you can review the search results and make improvements to your search query to get better search results the next time your search is run.

5. Don't use the asterisk character as a wild card character. The eBay search engine no longer supports the asterisk (*) wild card search option.

6. Searches are case independent. You can use uppercase or lowercase. The eBay search engine doesn't care.

7. Check search keyword spelling and spacing. Sounds stupid but lots of people mistype eBay keywords or add spaces on eBay keywords which can alter the search results significantly.

8. Search titles only to narrow your eBay search results. If you find your not getting many results you can widen your ebay search results by searching Titles and Descriptions. Be careful searching Titles and Descriptions, this option can return a large result set of search listing of no value.

9. Select an eBay category when creating an eBay search. This will greatly improve the relevance of the search results. However there can be situations where not specifying an eBay search category can improve the search results depending on the type of item your searching for. eBay Seller's sometimes list items in the wrong category. This eBay seller mistake can create an opportunity for the eBay buy.

10. Make use of the eBay seller rating selection. If your looking for an expense product it makes sense to filter out eBay sellers with bad or negative feedback rating.

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