Need Help Creating an eBay Automated Search

Creating great eBay automated searches can be difficult at first. A poorly created search can return too many listings or no search results at all. Sorting through a large unwanted list of search results is a waste of time. eBay has millions of listing and finding want you want at a bargain price takes a little knowledge and practice.

While searching eBay can be tricky here are a couple eBay search tips:

1. Make eBay searches vary specific. If you can, add a manufacturer, product number, model, color or size to your searches.

2. Create one search for each product or service your searching for. Don't try to create one complicated search that returns several listings your interested in. It's better to manage multiple searches - with each search going after one product.

3. Automate your eBay searches to find what your looking for on eBay. Using an eBay search tool to automate eBay searches saves time and produces the best search results. By automating your eBay searches you'll get sent email notifications (search alerts) when newly listed items become available. It's the easiest way to know what new product listings are available.

4. Refine your eBay searches over time. Each time your search runs you can review the search results and make improvements to your search. By starting with a broad search and improving (narrowing) your search over time you'll get better search results.

If you would like help with eBay searches or just have a question about how to use SearchDome eBay search tools please Contact Us using the SearchDome contact page.

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