Run hundreds of searches and get one email with all your results

What's an eBay Power Search?

Imagine having one search that checks eBay listings for hundreds of different ISBN's! Each ISBN has it's own Max Price. The best part, you get ONE email with all your search results. Now you schedule your search to run automatically every day or every hour. That's a Power Search.

How do I setup a Power Search?

A Power Search gets most of its search setting by 'Linking To' a SearchDome search and using it as its 'Template'. The Power Search will run based on the settings it inherits from its template.

First you need to create and upload your Power Search search data. Power search data consists of a name and data that you upload into the SearchDome database. The file you upload should be a simple Pipe '|' separated data file that contains your search information.

Using a text editor program like notepad, create a file. Each row in the file will have two values. Each value is separated by a pipe symbol (|). The first value is the 'Search Keyword' and the second value is the 'Highest Price'.

Here is a sample Pipe Delimited file that has 4 rows. Each row consists of a separate eBay search. The highest price value indicates the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item. So in the example, line 4 is a search for a "Rolling Stones Jacket" that has a price lower than or equal to $50.00.

Rolling Stones Hat|5.00
Rolling Stones Watch|15.00
Rolling Stones Poster|10.00
Rolling Stones Jacket|50.00

Next you need to create a SearchDome search and set the search 'Type' to PowerSearch. Now you can select a Power search data file that you uploaded. This lets the SearchDome search engine know that this search will be used as a template and the search keyword and highest price values will come from a Power Search file you have uploaded.

When the Power Search runs, the 'Search Keyword' and the 'Highest Price' values you uploaded will be substituted with the values in your template. An eBay search will be executed once for each row of data that was uploaded.

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