Rare eBay Listing

Searching eBay can be lots of fun. With millions of listings to search thru sometimes you can't find what you want. Or you find the listing your looking for but the price is too high. Finding deals on eBay is a skill. SearchDome can help you find what you want at a reasonable price.

Here are some eBay search tips on how to setup eBay searches to find rare item listings.

The first step is automating your searches. The easiest way to search eBay for newly listed items is by creating an eBay saved search and having the eBay saved search run on a regular basis.

The second key to success is creating an eBay search that has specific listing information on the rare item your looking for. The idea is to only get email alerts on rare items when the actual rare item is listed. You don't want to get email alerts every 15 minutes on new listings that have nothing in common with the rare items your looking for.

The last step is refining your eBay searches. I recommend creating your searches with a wider scope. Not too many excluded words to start. Its better to get more search results in the beginning than no search results at all. As you get sent email search alerts you can tweak your eBay search query and excluded words to improve the accuracy of your search results.

For more information on searching eBay see the eBay advanced search page.

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