Automate eBay Searches

Benefits of Automating eBay Searches

Creating automated eBay searches makes it easy for you to know what's new on eBay. Using an automated search or saved search provides you with up-to-date information on newly listed eBay items. Enter your search query once and save it. Next select when how often you want your search will run. SearchDome's eBay search program will run your saved search and email you the results.

Using SearchDome's free eBay automated search tool provide a big advantage over searching eBay manually on a daily basis. Automated searches save time, provide consistent searching on a regular basis and provide you with freedom of location. Now checking eBay search results is as easy as reading your email. For more information on the benefits of eBay automated searches see the eBay Search Tools page.

Scheduling eBay Searches

SearchDome allows you to configure when your search is executed. Every couple days, once a day, every hour, every fifteen minutes, every 10 minutes, every five minutes or even every minute. You can choose the time of day your search is run. Say every day at 8:00 am Or every other day at 4:00pm. You choose the time of day SearchDome runs your personalized eBay search.

eBay Search Tool Software Options

SearchDome's software program has a wide variety of search filters available. Software options to filter items based on multiple categories, sellers Id, sellers rating, newly listed, ending soon, number of bids and location to name a few. New creative options are added on a regular basis.

Managing Your Searches

SearchDome's software provides tools for managing one search or hundreds of searches. With an easy to use web page, users can view, create, delete, pause and edit their searches.

Service and Support

SearchDome provides quick and helpful support for its users. Have an issue with a search? Need technical support? Contact SearchDome.


SearchDome has been running since 2004 and is listed in the eBay Solutions Directory. SearchDome's automated search system processes thousands of searches every 15 minutes.

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