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For over 18 years SearchDome has been helping people find what they
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How to find deals on eBay using SearchDome.com

Finding what you want on ebay for a good price is easy if you know a couple eBay tricks. A deal is only a deal if its something you want and its offered at the right price.

Most people search eBay looking for an item. If they don't find it they may search eBay again tomorrow. This approach fails more often than it succeeds because people are missing thousands of eBay listing that are added every hour.

The best deals on eBay are found soon after an item is listed. I once listed a Dell notebook on eBay and it sold in 15 minutes. Right away I knew I should have listed the PC at a higher price. The buyer knew the price range of the laptop better than I. So the buyer purchased the item quickly before someone else.

So how do you find deals on eBay? Create an eBay automated search using SearchDome.com. Automated searches are the best way to be aware of newly listed items on eBay and find deals.

SearchDome.com is a free eBay Search Tool designed to help eBay buyers find deals on eBay. SearchDome has been automating eBay searches for over 18 years and provides a rich set of tools for searching eBay automatically.

Here's how it works. You create an eBay search on SearchDome. You schedule when you want your search to run. SearchDome runs your personal eBay search at the frequency you selected. If your search finds newly listed items on eBay an email is sent to you with the listing information.

My Saved Searches Automated searches can be scheduled to run once a day, every hour or every 15 mintes. Hourly and 15 minute searches only return newly listed items. Searches can also be filtered by seller name, buy-it-now price and several other options.

Automating your eBay search provides a far superior method of finding deals on eBay.

Give SearchDome a try. You'll be happy you did.

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