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SearchDome software can provide up to the minute info on newly listed eBay products. Having a search tool that proactively send you updates on new eBay listings matching your search query gives you an advantage on finding great deals on eBay.

SearchDome's eBay Search Tools provide the best eBay searching software available. While daily, hourly and 15 minute searches are free, SearchDome offers Rapid eBay Searches for faster search frequency's for active eBay buyers.

For some categories like phone and electronics. Searching eBay once a day is a weak approach to finding deals. Using specific targeted eBay automated searches gives you timely information on new listings. This gives you an advantage. Early notification of newly listed eBay content gives you the opportunity to purchase items other eBay users have never seen. Top eBay buyers know how to find deals and one of the best tools available is using an automated eBay software program.

Finding new eBay listings less than 15 minutes after the item is listed provides you with an early option to buy. For pennies a day you can automate eBay searches to run every minute, five minutes or ten minutes

Purchase Rapid Searches

Rapid Searches

Learn More about the advantages of Rapid Searches

The best eBay deals are found by monitoring newly listed items that offer Buy It Now (BIN). If you have specialized knowledge of a product you know if a products auction price is high or low. The trick is being the first person to find the newly listed item at a low price.

First you need a SearchDome eBay search that works. SearchDome provides free automated eBay searches that run once a day or every hour. Test your search. Make sure your search only returns items your interested in.

Second, you need to purchase Rapid Searches. Rapid Searches are searches that can be scheduled to run every minute, every five minutes or every ten minutes. Once your Rapid Search order is processed you will receive an email notifying you that your order has been processed. You can view your 'Available Rapid Search' count on the User Settings page.

Now you can change an existing search or create a new search that runs at a frequency of every minute, every 5 minutes or every ten minutes. Every time your search is run your 'Available Rapid Search' count will be decrease by one (-1). You can pause your search at anytime. You can change your search frequency at anytime.

You can select a valid time range for when you want your searches run. This new feature is very useful for Rapid Searches. See the User Settings page. This allows you to schedule searches to run when you will be available to check results and not run searches when your unavailable.

Fine tune your searches. If a search is to general it will return to many items of no interest. Poorly structured searches can result in lots of emails. If your emails bounce all your searches will be paused.

All Rapid Searches will return newly listed items. Every minute searches will run every minute and return newly listed items in the last 2 minutes. Five minute searches will run every five minutes and return newly listed items in the last 10 minutes. Ten minute searches will run every ten minutes and return newly listed items in the last 15 minutes.

If you have specific eBay search needs use the Contact Us page and we will do our best to provide you a custom solution.

Purchase Rapid Searches

Rapid Searches

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