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The best way to search eBay on a regular basis is using an eBay search App to automate an otherwise manual process. There is no reason to type in the same eBay search query every day. Manually searching eBay can be very time consuming especially if your searching for many different products.

By using eBay search tools to automate your eBay searches, you only need to create your searches once. The SearchDome automated eBay search tool runs your searches at a schedule you select. Automating eBay searches benefit you in many ways. Automated searches save you time, provide consistent searching and provide you with freedom of location. Now checking eBay search results is as easy as reading your email. It's a great way to be informed of new auction listing on a regular basis and spot deals as they become available.

While automating one or two eBay queries saves a little time. Imagine automating hundreds of eBay queries and the power gained by being informed of newly listed items on eBay on a regular basis. Imagine getting a SearchDome email on an item your looking for that was listed minutes ago. If the item has a Buy It Now option available you could be getting the first chance to purchase the item before most people have ever seen the listing. Pretty Cool!

Using an automated search tool to run your searches enables some successful eBay search strategies. Some popular search strategies are the Rare Item Search and Buy-It-Now.

SearchDome provides ebay buyers with easy to use tools to create, test and save ebay searches. SearchDome is so easy to use that you can have many ebay searches automated in minutes. With SearchDome you choose the time of day for the search to be run along with the frequency of the search: "Every Couple Days", "Daily", "Hourly", "Every 15 Minutes", "Every 10 Minutes", "Every 5 Minutes" and "Every Minute".

With SearchDome you can create, save, test run, schedule, pause, enable and delete eBay searches all from an easy to use web site. Visit the Join SearchDome page to sign-up for SearchDome and enjoy the power of automated eBay searches.

www.SearchDome.com is an eBay compatible application that has been automating eBay searches since 2004. We help you find what your looking for. SearchDome is the #1 search automation tool available for eBay. SearchDome provides great customer service and helps users create and refine searches. So whether you are a casual eBay buyer or a super power buyer SearchDome can help you find what your looking for on eBay.

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