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SearchDome's software provides eBay buyers with tools to automate searches every 15 minutes, every hour, once a day or once a week. Users can create one search or hundreds of searches. You can receive daily updates on new listings or have hourly and 15 minute search alerts on newly listed products.

The value of using SearchDome is getting timely information on eBay listings that you're interested in. By proactively searching eBay you don't miss opportunities to purchase items at a bargain price. Listing you may never have seen because someone else found it first. Without an automated system for searching eBay you'll miss out on some of the best deals on eBay.

About Automating eBay searches since 2004, SearchDome has thousands of ebay buyers using it's automated search features. The free web based software has more ebay search options / features than any other eBay search tool available. SearchDome is registered as an eBay compatible application and listed in eBay's solution directory.

Getting started with SearchDome is easy. Create a free account and start creating automated eBay searches for listings your interested in. For help with creating effective searches, questions or suggestions please use the Contact Us page. Thanks!

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