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Search eBay The Easy Way, Automate Your Favorite eBay Searches

SearchDome.com provides the best eBay search tool software available for automating ebay searches. The search tool is free, easy to use and provides consistent, timely search results.

For 10 years SearchDome has been automating ebay searches on ebay.com, ebay motors, ebay.de and ebay.co.uk to name a few. There are 14 possible eBay sites to choose from. SearchDome is an eBay compatible search tool and listed in eBay's solution directory.

The SearchDome software provides eBay buyers with tools to automate searches every 15 minutes, every hour, once a day or once a week. eBay buyers can automate one ebay search or hundreds of ebay searches.

SearchDome emails thousands of ebay search alerts every hour. The web based software has more ebay search options than any other eBay search tool.

The ebay search software works for the business owner performing hundreds of searches a day to the casual ebay buyer looking for one or two items at a discount. SearchDome's search tool software provides easy to use website pages for managing one search or hundreds of eBay searches. In one view you'll see a listing of all your eBay searches. You can sort your eBay searches by name, status and run frequency.

The ebay software options include create, save, edit, delete and run search functions. You can schedule when your searches run and pause or activate saved eBay searches.
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Why Should I use SearchDome to Automate my eBay Searches?
SearchDome provides a proactive, automated approach to searching eBay. Automate one search or hundreds of searches. Schedule searches to run automatically every 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, every hour, once a day or once a week. Using the ebay search program to have searches run at any time of the day you chose. 8:00am, 10:00am, 6:00pm, 9:00pm. It's your choice. You choose what to search for and when the search should be run. SearchDome automates your eBay search and sends you an email to view the results.

SearchDome also provides special search filters that can improve the quality of your search results. It's a waste of time getting search results for items that are not relevant or being sold by Sellers with a poor eBay rating. SearchDome users can exclude Sellers by name, exclude Sellers with poor feedback, exclude Buy It Now items based on the Highest price your willing to pay, the list goes on. SearchDome has the tools to help you find what your looking for on eBay.
SearchDome Search Tools and Tactics
eBay searching software provides several search tools. Which features you use depends on the type of item your looking for and your personal preferences. Here are some common search tactics.

Searching for Buy It Now Items: Create an every hour search for newly listed items that offer Buy It Now. To refine this search even more enter a Highest Price value and check the "Apply Highest Price Filter to BuyItNow Price". This way you will only get emailed search results on items that offer Buy It Now and have a Buy It Now Price within your price range.

High Priced Items: When purchasing high priced items most people want to purchase them from highly rated eBay sellers. SearchDome provides a search filter on the sellers feedback rating and one on the feedback percent. Using these search filters gives you more control on what type of Sellers are returned in your search results.

Hundreds of eBay Searches: For most users, one search equals one email. This does not scale well for users wanting to automate hundreds of searches. SearchDome provides a Power Search tool that allows users to import hundreds of ebay searches, run them and get one email containing all of the search results. Pretty Cool!
Creating a SearchDome Account
Joining SearchDome is easy. All you need is an email address. To create your SearchDome account, click the Join SearchDome link. Join SearchDome.
Have Problems With eBay Search Not Working
SearchDome works!. Have problems with searches not working? SearchDome provides help fixing, tuning and trouble shooting eBay searches.
New SearchDome Features and Filters
New software features are added on a regular basis in hopes of providing eBay buyers with a better chance at finding a deal before the rest. Several search features have been added based on user suggestions. Have a suggestion on improving the eBay search engine software then Contact SearchDome.

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